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A dynamic and innovative company, aiming to make a real difference.

Building for Humanity is a not-for-profit organisation operating nationwide. Our people-focused approach addresses several social issues – such as fuel poverty, a shortage of social housing, rising welfare bills, lack of energy-efficient sustainable homes for the future and heavily involved in helping to retro fit the UK’s housing stock

About Building For Humanity

About Us

Find out about the inception, the passion and belief behind Building for Humanity and its focus on helping people.

Building For Humanity Projects

Our Projects

Building For Humanity projects help local councils that are in desperate need of affordable, sustainable housing.

Building For Humanity Retrofit


Our dedicated Retrofit is focused on improving the energy efficiency of households throughout the UK.

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Are You Eligible To Save Money On Your Energy Bills?For Help Improving Your Homes Energy Efficiency?To Save Money On Your Energy Bills?For Help Improving Your Homes Energy Efficiency?

We would love to help you improve your homes energy efficiency and save you money

Reinventing home ownership and rents by building affordable, low-energy, high-performance homes and putting them into the reach of every person in the UK who thinks it’s impossible to own their own home.


A solution for affordable housing construction

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Are You Eligible For Help Improving Your Homes Energy Efficiency?