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Building for Humanity is not an ordinary not-for-profit housing company, rather one with a purpose of improving affordable home ownership and rental properties with our profits used to self-fund our own homeless charity – Homes for Humanity.

About Building For Humanity

In 2016, Scott Moon went into Manchester with friends. Little did he realise that this night out would be the catalyst that kick started Building For Humanity.

Scott explains: “Everywhere I turned, there were homeless people sleeping in the doorways and begging for money. The group of friends I was with all agreed that there must be something we could do to help.”

Over the next 12 months he looked into setting up a homeless charity, researching existing charities, the service they provide and how they’re funded. He realised that most were grant and donation driven – but had a vision to create something more sustainable.

Scott, whose background is in the construction industry, started thinking about the availability of affordable housing and the lack of temporary accommodation available to councils for those in need.

He said: “The more I looked into it, the more I realised that all councils have waiting lists for temporary accommodation. For those councils without the housing stock available, they are forced to turn to the private sector – often paying inflated rates to meet the demand.”

Scott’s answer was simple – he would set up a not-for-profit company that would build affordable homes.

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About Building For Humanity

Temporary Accommodation

Councils across the country have waiting lists overflowing with the names of people requiring temporary affordable housing. This demand has led many to seek temporary accommodation from private landlords – who are capitalising on the need.

Scott said: “There’s not enough affordable housing being built to meet the demand. For developers, there’s not much profit in building affordable homes so the issue is not being resolved.

“Building for Humanity have turned the system on its head and we have found a way that will help people. Those who need it most. Those whose lives will be changed for the better. It doesn’t need to be all about profit.”

How It Works

About Building For HumanityBuilding for Humanity are approaching Councils with their model, requesting for pieces of land to be gifted to the charity in exchange for helping to solve their affordable housing issue.

Councils will have nomination rights for 20-50% of the development and, once completed, Building for Humanity will be the registered social landlord for the rental properties.

Scott said: “We understand that Councils may be sceptical about our approach because it is radical. No one is doing what we’re doing. Usually, housing projects are based on a cost basis of £ per sq ft – but that’s not the way we are operating. We are approaching it from a cost of £ on the welfare bill per acre.

“With land gifted by Councils and by utilising our links within the supply chain we can further reduce the build cost and build affordable, high quality, energy efficient eco homes.

“We have been given hurdle after hurdle to jump because this is a pilot project – but we know this new method will work.
“The more houses we build, and the more profit the not-for-profit company makes, the more vulnerable people we can help.

Building Blocks

About Building For HumanityWhen establishing the building blocks for the community interest company, Scott tried to find a solution that addressed other related social issues.

He said: “There’s a big push for social and affordable housing by the government – but it doesn’t solve the welfare bill. The whole system needs restructuring – and that’s what we’ve tried to do. No one else in this country is working like this.

“Central Government funding is available for those in fuel poverty or from low income homes – but a lot of people don’t realise they can receive free central heating, cavity wall insulation or a new boiler for free.

“Not only does this help them to live more comfortably in their own homes by reducing fuel bills, it helps to improve the existing housing stock – and it’s completely free to the resident.

“The money received from the grant pays for us to complete the installation, and any profits we receive are pumped into building affordable homes.

“Building for Humanity is an organisation whose sole focus is to help people. We have such a strong belief in what we want to achieve.”

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