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Passionate About Sustainable And Low Energy Performance Homes

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We are not an ordinary not-for-profit housing company, rather one with a purpose of delivering social and affordable homes using the latest advanced technology in the way of 3D concrete printing along with affordable rental properties to help solve the current housing crisis.

We will provide much needed housing for those in need and help improve the communities that people live in with our onsite community hubs, providing back to work training opportunities that improve the quality, health and well-being of individuals and families.

Our surplus profits are donated to help support our partners with our chosen charity being Homes for Humanity.

Homes for Humanity

In 2016 the founders went into Manchester with friends. Little did they realise that this night out would be the catalyst that kick started Building for Humanity CIC.

Scott explains: “Everywhere we turned, there were homeless people sleeping in the doorways and begging for money. The group of friends we were with at the time all agreed that there must be something that we could do to help.””

Our background has always been in the construction industry, so we started looking towards a viable solution of delivering high quality, energy efficient affordable housing at scale. The lack of rental and temporary accommodation available to individuals and families was truly heart breaking for those in desperate need of a roof over their head.

The more we researched into it, the more we realised that our solution would work. One of the fundamentals of our model is that we generate income by retro fitting old housing stock for Councils, Housing Associations and Local Authorities helping them to achieve local net zero targets helping with their commitment by providing insulation and heating measures for those both in fuel poverty and most in need. This not only helps to bring old housing stock up to The Governments Decent Homes Standard but goes hand in hand with our ethos of helping those in need by reducing energy bills and helps towards the future health and well-being of individuals living in upgraded homes.

Improving Quality

Delivering the highest standard of net zero carbon housing

Supporting Communities

On site community hubs for the local people of that area providing a range of help and facilities

Upholding Integrity

Honesty, trust, and ethical morals are at the core of our company

Visionary Ethos

Ambition and expanding our passion to help those in need

About Building For Humanity

How We Work

About Building For HumanityWe are working with several councils who are offering us land or empty commercial buildings in exchange for developing net zero carbon affordable homes and in turn helping to solve their housing crisis.

Usually, housing projects are based on a cost basis of £ per sq. ft but that’s not how it works with us. Our construction strategy fundamentally changes the way we build and provides a significant cost reduction to the Government’s welfare bill per individual back into work and into a home.

Working with the social regulator to make sure our registered social landlord status is as accurate as possible for the types of tenure and tenants we will be housing along with any Homes England grants we will be eligible for to help us achieve rapid growth and much needed housing throughout the country.

We operate and manage all of our properties to make sure our ethos, our care and health and wellbeing is given to every individual who comes through our Humanity Credit programme.

The more homes we build, the more people we help.

Retro Fitting

Our programme of works is to help reduce carbon and reduce the energy bills for those living in old, energy inefficient homes. We achieve this through our Retrofit programme as per our PAS:2030 certification. Domestic Retrofitting is an improvement or modification made to an existing property. By retrofitting homes and buildings, we can significantly impact the reduction of carbon emissions and reduce energy use in these existing homes.

The Whole House Retrofit Approach:

It is making the residential and commercial properties more suitable for comfortable living by reducing the demand for Heat reducing energy bills and carbon emissions from fossil fuels.

  • Building Fabrics – Insulate the property correctly to minimise heat loss
  • Building Services – Replace or upgrade the heating measures to reduce energy use
  • Renewables – Heat Pumps, Solar Thermal, Solar Panels to make the property energy efficient

“Building for Humanity CIC is an organisation whose sole focus is to help people. We have such a strong belief in what we can do to improve the lives for many individuals throughout the UK.”

Meet The Building For Humanity Team

Building For Humanity - Sep-400

Passionate about their work, meet the The Building For Humanity Team – who they are and what they do.

Lindsey Hargreaves - Building For Humanity

Lindsey Hargreaves – Head of Retrofit

Lindsey has a great and positive outlook on life and with over 15 years experience in driving teams she really does bring out the best in people – something she will strive to achieve by helping people through Building for Humanity. No family in the UK should live in fuel poverty and we can make a change.

Marta - Building For Humanity

Marta Nowak – Head of Submissions

Marta has a vast knowledge in customer services having 10 years experience in the production industry, she has learnt to respond quickly to the needs of our rapidly growing company. Her passion about improving internal processes has helped streamline the organisation of Building For Humanity.

Joshua Cathrow - Building For Humanity

Joshua Cathrow – Apprentice Carpenter & Joinery

Josh started working for Building for Humanity in November 2021, at the age of 17, after getting in touch with the company. He has now been enrolled at the local college studying for his L2 Carpentry apprenticeship. He plans to extend his qualifications in the construction industry with the full support of the company and gaining on site experience alongside the time served carpenters he is working with.

Charlotte - Building For Humanity

Charlotte Elliott – Public Relations

Charlotte is part of our customer service team with 10 years experience of working between customers and the operation side of a business. She is a great communicator and listener with a knack for remedying problems, which allows for an effective delivery of outstanding service for all our customers. She is Highly motivated and outgoing individual, Competent team player who can successfully inspire fellow colleagues.

Debbie - Building For Humanity

Debbie Hargreaves – Submissions Advisor

Debbie ensures the smooth running of the Survey department and also manages the smooth running of the Heating Installations department.
Her organisational skills and knowledge of logistics are second to none.
Her experience in dealing with customers has been invaluable to building for humanity and her dynamic outlook on life is infectious

Rachel - Building For Humanity

Rachel Woodhouse- Customer Service Advisor

Rachel has acquired a wealth of experience within the public sector. Throughout Rachel’s career she has demonstrated a commitment and passion for the customer, her caring focus proves invaluable here at Building for Humanity.

Sam Faulkes - Building For Humanity

Sam Faulkes – Construction Director

Sam gained his experience in the construction industry working as a carpenter/joiner on large scale residential developments where he discovered his passion for sustainable development and eco design, which led him to fulfilling his dream of completing an off-grid, self-build eco home in North Cornwall.

Jack Ashby - Building for Humanity

Jack Ashby – Survey Administrator

Jack started at Building For Humanity as an apprentice. Working in the survey department he shows off his keen eye for detail and communication skills by working with the surveyors making sure the surveys have all the required details needed to install measures. Jack loves helping people and has a real interest in the ECO industry with the hope to make a big impact on Building For Humanity.

Harvey Bowman - Building For Humanity

Harvey Bowman – Apprentice Carpenter & Joinery

Harvey started working for Building for Humanity in November 2021, at the age of 17, after getting in touch with the company. He has now been enrolled at the local college studying for his L2 Carpentry apprenticeship. He plans to extend his qualifications in the construction industry with the full support of the company and gaining on site experience alongside the time served carpenters he is working with.

Scott Moon - Building For Humanity

Scott Moon – Founder

Scott has a vast wealth of experience within the construction industry with being involved in large scale residential and commercial schemes in the UK and throughout Europe.

The vision for Building for Humanity which was incorporated as a community interest company in 2017 is to deliver a scalable programme that provides Net Zero Carbon, Energy Efficient housing into every county throughout the UK and puts home ownership within the reach of every individual who is in desperate need of somewhere they can call home.

Rachel - Building For Humanity

Rachel Clare – Head of Installations

Rachel has 20 years experience in customer relations and a wealth of knowledge of customer contracts. It’s this experience that helps to optimise the growth of our company with the smooth running of each installation.

Leann - Building For Humanity

Leann Sumner – Head of Customer Services

Being head of the sales team at Building For Humanity with 13 years of customer service experience, I am your first point of call to advise you on any ECO Installations. My main aim is to create a simple and efficient process for customers from start to finish.

Jennie - Building For Humanity

Jennie Cooke – Head of Marketing

A sales professional with a broad consumer marketing background in retail has helped grow Building For Humanity’s presence locally and nationally, she is well versed in brand and audience growth.

Iain - Building For Humanity

Iain Hulse – Commercial Manager

Having worked in the Eco Industry for over 8 years and with a career working with Business to Business and Business to Consumer industries for 25 years, Iain has a passion and understanding of Carbon Reduction Strategies within Government Funding, helping to reduce energy bills for those most in need and facilitating strategic partnerships which are mutually beneficial for local councils, national government and our communities. Adding in the work we do with Homes For Humanity (a support charity for anyone who is Homeless, Potentially Homeless, Low Income Families or Individuals, Military Personnel and their Families), we provide support, advice, counselling, training, mentoring, support and accommodation services to those Potentially Homeless, Low Income Families or Individuals and any Homeless Ex Military Personnel and their Families throughout the UK.

Victoria Moon - Building For Humanity

Victoria Moon – Founder

Victoria is the co-founder of Building for Humanity and is responsible for all the companies operations including end to end management of supply chain, sales activities, service and support of all areas of the business, she plays a key role in the continued strategic development of supplier relationships ensuring flexibility in response to an increasingly fast paced industry.

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