Meet The Team

Meet The Building For Humanity Team

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Passionate about their work, meet the The Building For Humanity Team – who they are and what they do.

Scott Moon - Building For Humanity

Scott Moon – Founder

Scott has a vast wealth of experience within the construction industry and his main goal for Building for Humanity is to deliver our model into every county throughout the UK.

His thinking is simple, in that every person deserves the opportunity to own their own home no matter their background or circumstance.

Victoria Moon - Building For Humanity

Victoria Moon – Founder

Victoria is the co-founder of Building for Humanity and is responsible for all the companies operations including end to end management of supply chain, sales activities, service and support of all areas of the business, she plays a key role in the continued strategic development of supplier relationships ensuring flexibility in response to an increasingly fast paced industry.

Sam Faulkes - Building For Humanity

Sam Faulkes – Construction Director

Sam gained his experience in the construction industry working as a carpenter/joiner on large scale residential developments where he discovered his passion for sustainable development and eco design, which led him to fulfilling his dream of completing an off-grid, self-build eco home in North Cornwall.

Iain - Building For Humanity

Iain Hulse – Commercial Business Development Manager

Having worked in the Eco Industry for over 8 years and with a career working with Business to Business and Business to Consumer industries for 25 years, Iain has a passion and understanding of Carbon Reduction Strategies within Government Funding, helping to reduce energy bills for those most in need and facilitating strategic partnerships which are mutually beneficial for local councils, national government and our communities. Adding in the work we do with Homes For Humanity (a support charity for anyone who is Homeless, Potentially Homeless, Low Income Families or Individuals, Military Personnel and their Families), we provide support, advice, counselling, training, mentoring, support and accommodation services to those Potentially Homeless, Low Income Families or Individuals and any Homeless Ex Military Personnel and their Families throughout the UK.

Eco Division

Building For Humanity - Sep-400
Lindsey Hargreaves - Building For Humanity

Lindsey Hargreaves – Head of ECO

Lindsey has a great and positive outlook on life and with over 15 years experience in driving teams she really does bring out the best in people – something she will strive to achieve by helping people through Building for Humanity Eco. No family in the UK should live in fuel poverty and we can make a change.

Rachel - Building For Humanity

Rachel – Head of Installs

Rachel has 20 years experience in customer relations and a wealth of knowledge of customer contracts. It’s this experience that helps to optimise the growth of our company with the smooth running of each installation.

Nichola - Building For Humanity

Nichola – Heating Installations Manager

Nichola has a great outlook on life, her very friendly approach has come with the experience of dealing with members of the public, by being part of a charity ‘Homes For Humanity’. Her experience of dealing with customers has been invaluable to Building For Humanity, she has the drive & energy to help push the business forward.

Leann - Building For Humanity

Leann – Head of Customer Services

Being head of the sales team at Building For Humanity with 13 years of customer service experience, I am your first point of call to advise you on any ECO Installations. My main aim is to create a simple and efficient process for customers from start to finish.

Debbie - Building For Humanity

Debbie – Heating Installation Manager

Debbie ensures the smooth running of the Survey department and also manages the smooth running of the Heating Installations department.
Her organisational skills and knowledge of logistics are second to none.
Her experience in dealing with customers has been invaluable to building for humanity and her dynamic outlook on life is infectious

Marta - Building For Humanity

Marta – Admin

Marta has a vast knowledge in customer services having 10 years experience in the production industry, she has learnt to respond quickly to the needs of our rapidly growing company. Her passion about improving internal processes has helped streamline the organisation of Building For Humanity.

Jennie - Building For Humanity

Jennie – Marketing

A sales professional with a broad consumer marketing background in retail has helped grow Building For Humanity’s presence locally and nationally, she is well versed in brand and audience growth.

Elaine - Building For Humanity

Elaine – Head of Finance

Over 15 years of experience in the retail sector she is a dedicated and driven individual who is aware of the customer’s needs, her marketing skills have become invaluable to Building For Humanity with her organisational skills and her meticulous attention to detail.

Craig - Building For Humanity

Craig – Head of Compliance

Being a highly driven and focused individual, Craig has undertaken many roles in his career in either the customer service or construction sectors.
Craig offers a plethora of experience across the technical and practical aspects of the company which enables him to support every department on a day to day basis, using techniques inherited and also developed during his time with the company.
“I am very grateful to be given this opportunity to work with a great bunch of people, a company where everybody involved wants to achieve the same goal and develop new skills along the way”

Darren - Building For Humanity

Darren – Chief Operating Officer

Darren gained his knowledge and experience working 15 years in the Hospitality and Retail sector, he has established a skill set which sets him aside from others. Having the key components to help manage any team, he likes to help the team to achieve confidence while helping people reach their full potential, which makes him a great fit for Building for Humanity CIC and our company ethos. Darren is also a qualified DEA and Retrofit Assessor for the team.
‘I could not miss out on the opportunity to be part of an exciting and progressive company whose only focus is to support those who are in need and those who deserve the warmth and comfort that should accompany calling somewhere Home’

Yolanda - Building For Humanity

Yolanda – Install Department Manager

Over 6 years experience on customer services, passion for helping people, new to the ECO industry but love the fact that we can help people come out of fuel poverty by insulating their homes. Speak to customers on a daily basis, planning the install to run smoothly as possible. My aim is to learn the full process of the installs department so I can help as many people as possible,

Charlotte - Building For Humanity

Charlotte – Customer Service Advisor

Charlotte is part of our customer service team with 10 years experience of working between customers and the operation side of a business. She is a great communicator and listener with a knack for remedying problems, which allows for an effective delivery of outstanding service for all our customers. She is Highly motivated and outgoing individual, Competent team player who can successfully inspire fellow colleagues.

Rachel - Building For Humanity

Rachel – Customer Service Advisor

Rachel has acquired a wealth of experience within the public sector. Throughout Rachel’s career she has demonstrated a commitment and passion for the customer, her caring focus proves invaluable here at Building for Humanity.