Building for Humanity are eagerly awaiting the planning decision for their pilot housing project in Accrington.

The application will see Building for Humanity transform disused land into 46 high quality yet affordable net zero carbon eco homes.

The Charter Street Development will be re-imagined as a housing development for the homeless, ex-veterans and low-income families.

The land on Charter Street, valued at £200,000, was gifted to the not-for-profit organisation by Hyndburn Council in September 2019.

Leader of the council, Cllr Miles Parkinson, said: “This is not going to be some tatty old development – it will be something Hyndburn can be proud of.”

The community interest company plans to create 46 high quality residential units, including houses and apartments, which will be affordable to rent or buy.

A community hub will also be constructed for residents to gain access to training, support and guidance from partner agencies.

The simple timber-framed homes built on the land previously targeted by crime, fly-tipping and waste will feature sustainable high-tech to create low energy performance homes.

Scott Moon, founder of Building for Humanity, said: “It’s not just a tweak to how things have been done before, it’s about social re-engineering and restricting the system. We want to teach people ‘this is how it can be’. We know we’re creating a monster – and it has to be that.

“No one else is building truly affordable housing – and the reason the current system is not working is down to profit.

The Future

“Building for Humanity’s aim is to ensure housing is accessible to those who may feel owning or renting an affordable home is only a dream – such as ex-veterans, or low-income families. Our properties are designed with cutting-edge energy efficient and environmentally friendly measures – further reducing fuel poverty.

“By investing in green building techniques, it will lower the homes’ long-term burden on the environment while providing for those who need help today.”

Building for Humanity have been working closely with Hyndburn Borough Council on the pilot project and are expecting a decision regarding planning permission for the proposed Charter Street development imminently.

Scott added: “Because we are so involved in the innovative project we know how it all works – but it does take a bit of getting your head around it. We don’t have any trading background to show Councils so we’ve had to prove to the Cabinet how all the pieces fit together.

The more houses we build, the more profit the not-for-profit business makes, and therefore the more people we can help.