This project will see us transform this disused piece of land into 46 high quality affordable net zero carbon ready homes with our own Community Hub on site. We will be concrete printing these buildings using the latest construction technology and this will not only be the first in the UK but largest printed building of its kind in the whole of Europe at the time of construction.

Together we aim to make affordable home ownership and rental properties accessible across all demographics using advanced 3D concrete printing but to do it at scale and to do it fast. There is a serious issue with the lack of affordable and social housing.

We have the solution to create a sustainable, scalable housing system that provides a solution to the housing shortage and offers Low Income Families, Homeless Veterans and Individual in need, access to a stable, environmentally energy efficient, and secure home, all whilst uplifting them through our skills training Humanity Credit programme.

“No one else is building truly affordable housing – and the reason the current system is not working is down to profit.

The Future Is Here

The aim is to ensure affordable housing is accessible to those who may feel owning or renting an affordable home is only a dream – such as ex-veterans, or low-income families. Our properties are built using 3DCP and designed with cutting-edge energy efficient and environmentally friendly measures – further reducing fuel poverty in the future.

By investing in green building techniques, it will lower the homes long-term burden on the environment while providing a home for those who need help today.

“The more houses we build, the more people we help”