Early Christmas present for Mandy

Christmas came early for one Cornish resident – who had a boiler fitted into her freezing home for free.

Mandy, from Cornwall, didn’t qualify for support under the Cornwall CC LA Flexibility Scheme for a standalone boiler so the team there referred her on to Building for Humanity – a nationwide company committed to helping people facing fuel poverty.

David Curran, Operations Manager at Building for Humanity, said: “Mandy did not qualify for support under the Cornwall CC LA Flexibility Scheme. However, through our funders they have agreed to take a stand-alone-boiler – but the funding for this is limited. This is why our charity partner Homes for Humanity have pitched in with a £600 contribution.

“In an ideal world we’d like to help everyone, but we’re restricted on what work we can and can’t carry out in order to access the grants available. We didn’t want to let Mandy down so we made a few calls and we’ve shuffled our schedule around so we can grant her a Christmas wish.”

Mandy said it was like receiving an early Christmas present.

She said: “My old boiler just kept getting worse and worse and wasn’t fit for purpose. I haven’t had instant hot water for years. This new boiler is going to help me considerably.

“The lads who have fitted the new boiler have been as good as gold. It’s the best Christmas present I could have wished for – and I never expected them to be able to fit it before Christmas.

“I might have a hot bath to celebrate.”

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